Saturday, August 11, 2007


One of my earliest memories : My Gram had a tree in her backyard that I thought grew cherries. I distinctively remember being lifted up to pick a few off the branches. When I got older, I noticed that tree actually grew apples. Now I'm not sure, but just maybe the cherries were 'planted' on the low branches to fool the little kids.
4" x 4"


Chris Kling said...

I don't remember that at all, but I'm still stung by the fact that I never picked up on the sarcasm when Dad used to say, "Chocolate covered cherries? I LOVE chocolate covered cherries!"

I thought he really did!

Cheryl Kling said...

You don't remember it, because I was only about 3 years old. That would make you like - negative twelve.

Roxanne Steed said...

I love the painting...and the stories, too!!! More, more, give us more!